How to get postal ID in the philippines? what are the requirements?

by Ben Daggers

Today, I learned How to get postal ID in the Philippines, What are the Postal ID Requirementsand others stuffs about postal ID.I got to read the tutorial on how to get a postal id.

A postal Id is a government issued Id thus is acceptable by banks and government agencies.

You can get a postal Id from the bigger post office like in Manila or Makati.

To get a postal Id, you need a barangay clearance. The fee charged by the barangay for the clearance varies. In our barangay, you must pay one hundred pesos.

Since I live in a residential subdivision, the barangay requires a clearance from the President of the Homeowner Association ( HA ) where my house is located. The fee for a HA clearance varies. In my HA, its one hundred pesos.

The post office charges seventy pesos for the Id.
You have to provide four identical photos – 2×2 and 1×1.

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